The B-338 and B-388 are designed to identify thick cables and cable bundles even post termination. Both tags meet several aerospace specifications and can be designed and printed at location.

Easily identify thick cables and cable bundles

Our white B-338 and B-388 rigid tags can be used to easily identify thick cables, cable bundles and any cable post termination. The rigid, non-adhesive cable tags are easy to apply with cable ties and come in 2 sizes: 51.44 mm x 10.42 mm and 50.80 mm x 20.58 mm.

Meet aerospace specifications

B-338 and B-388 meet the RW-2513 standard on industrial and military fluids resistance. Both tags are flame retardant and remain legible when exposed to abrasion. B-388 is made out of polyolefin and can resist temperatures between -55°C and 135°C, while B-338 is a polyvinylidene fluoride tag with additional temperature resistance (-55°C to 200°C), tear resistance and a low outgassing value.

Design and print on-site

Both B-338 and B-388 tags will be recognised by Brady Workstation apps when sitting in a Brady printer. This will enable customers to quickly add barcodes, serial numbers, data from ERP systems and images to the tags before printing them at your location with the BradyPrinter i5100 or BradyPrinter i7100 Industrial Label Printer. Both tags can also be ordered fully or partially preprinted from Brady factories.