ubleam tag 

Scan a Bleam Code printed on our reliable, industrial grade labels to retrieve or store important information on any object or machine. A Bleam Code is a unique id encoding method, consider it an advanced barcode, that can be printed on a label and applied to your device or asset. It can be scanned from a distance using a smartphone or tablet with the UBleam app installed. You will be able to access all information stored on that specific device in an augmented fashion, called the bleam cover.


Augment reality

Scan the Bleam Code on a device you just labelled to add maintenance documents, inspection procedures, images and videos or connect to other platforms like SAP. All data is centrally stored in the cloud back-end.

Bleam Codes can be read from a distance up to 50 times the size of the code, up to 100 simultaneous codes, using the Bleam.


Highly reliable

Printed on our reliable, industrial grade label materials that can resist tough conditions, your Bleam Codes will remain legible. This will enable you to access the information stored on a machine or any asset for a much longer time. All of our label materials have been tested using internationally recognised methods and test results are available in technical data sheets.

Print at your premises

Thanks to our partnership with UBleam, Bleam Codes can now be printed on our reliable label materials using our professional label printers. Simply add a Bleam Code on your label design using Brady Workstation apps and print your label. Brady can also deliver high quantities of preprinted Bleam Codes in collaboration with UBleam services.